The spark of the Padel  entry into the Iranian sport cycle was struck in 2005. With suggestion of the Iranian Ministry of Sport and with the approval of the Squash Federation, the field was launched as the Padel Committee with the responsibility of Farhad Jame, the founder of this field in our country.

In 2010, the first padel ground was put into operation at Tehran's Revolution Sports Complex. After private sector renovated the above complex in 2017, it was restarted and put into operation with 4 padel pitches.

2018 is an important milestone in the history of Iranian paddle. The first international padel course by Alejandro Myers and Adrian Pedro, two Spanish lecturers in December and the presence of Italian President of the Padel World Federation,Daniel Petty in March were the most important events in this year.

Farhad Jame says: Ministry of Sport and Youth officials endorsed padel with a special look and the Squash Federation also began a new move to promote the sport.

Padel is under development in Iran and besides Tehran,Birjand and Lahijan also have paddle halls.