Iran-Iraq agreements

Soleimani: Squash Federations of Iran and Iraq will sign a Memorandum of Understanding
Iran-Iraq agreements

 The President Iran Squash Federation said: “Today, wereached an agreement on sport interaction and cooperation with the Vice President of the Iraqi Squash Federation duringthe meeting and conversation we had.”

In an interview with IRNA, MasoudSoleimani added:Despite the closure of Tehran, we held a joint meeting with the Vice President of the Iraqi Squash Federation due to his presence in our country. During the meeting,areas of cooperation between two sides were discussed.

He continued: "In this meeting, we reached a common point of view regarding joint actions, ‌ goals of both sides, training and education of athletes, participation in Iranand Iraq squash competitions, training camps and, of course, attention to women's sports.This memorandum will be finalized and signed within the next two weeks."

The President of the Squash Federation confirmed:Undoubtedly, this memorandum is good for both countries and willbrings good results.On the one hand, the two neighboring countries will tryfor the growth and development of this sporttogetherand on the other hand, numerous competitions and training camps will be held for athletes from both countries which will bring good resultsundoubtedly.

He said: "Iraqi athlete’s play a different style of squash, and that is very good for us because our national team will have opponents to practiceand oursquash Champions can prepare themselves to participate in overseas competitionswith different training styles.”


Soleimani also talked about the current condition regarding Corona Virus and the Asian Championship and said: “This tournament will be hosted by Malaysia in November and the Iranian team will participate in both the men's and women's sections.Although Corona has created a lot of problems but we have kept our team’s condition as desirable as possible.We are goingto set up a 21-day camp in order to prepare them for the competitions."


He added: "Unfortunately, with all the measures that have been taken, 3 women in national squash have been diagnosed with coronavirus and we are waiting for their quarantine period to end.On the other hand, due to the closures and the problems that Corona caused in all aspects, all our programs have been postponed to Septemberand we will have a lot of work traffic this month.Of course,we are sure that we will pass this stage and continue on the path to success with the help and efforts of my colleagues.”


The president of the squash federation said the following about the conditions of the federation these days:Fortunately, the efforts made over the years have paid off, and today we can seethe success of squash.

Useful measures have been done in Construction of sports spacesin squash and paddle.The popularity of sports spacesshows that Squash is popular todayand shows that we have taken the right path in the last few years.We have always had public development and attention to talent development in our programs and we are proud to be one of the federations that do not have any debts, including taxes, etc.


Soleimani pointed out in the end:The only thing that happened out the program was the injury of SajjadZareian. I think the duration of his treatment will continue until January. I hope this player returns to his ideal condition as soon as possible so that we willsee him in sports again.