The support and appreciation of the World Squash Federation for Iran's ambitious actions. The President and the Executive Director of World Squash federation praised the programs and activities of Iran squash federation through two separate messages

 According to the Squash Federation’s international affairs, two official messages from Zena Wooldridge , the English President and William Lewis Marie, the Executive Director of the World Squash Federation, appreciated our Squash Federation’s measures taken to expand squash.

The term "excellent and ambitious measures for squash development is used in the message of the President of the World Federation and in the message of the Executive Director, Iran’s activities are mentioned developmental and innovative. Both have emphasized on Iran's actions as an example for other countries on the World Squash Website and the World Federation's forthcoming newsletter.

Luis Marie said that these creations have been referred to the World Federation's advertising team to be transferred to other developing countries in squash as a basis.

Iran's development measures that have led to receiving these two messages are designing cheap and simple three-sided squash wall with the aim of generalizing andcreating culture in this regards, Implementation of this structure in Sistan and Baluchestan villages and urban areas of South Khorasan, Markazi province and Kurdistan. Manufacturing and producing cheap and simple rockets useable for everyone, Opening of mushroom-like squash squares in various parts of the country and under sanctions, which is a source of pride, Effective communication with the new officials of the World Squash Federation in sending reports continuously and preparing the electronic publication of COURT.