Appreciation of the President of the World Squash Federation from the President of the National Olympic Committee of Iran


Dr Salehi Amiri,

President of the NOC of Iran

On behalf of the WSF I wish to convey my thanks to you and the Iranian Olympic Committee for the support given to the development of squash in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The funding and support for players and teams to take part in more International competition is very encouraging, and we look forward to welcoming those teams at forthcoming WSF events. The experience should help transform the quality of your national squash players, and hopefully provide motivation for others who may aspire to make your national teams.

The Iran Squash Federation is the only national body appointed by the World Squash Federation for the promotion and development of Squash in the Islamic Republic of Iran, headed by  Dr. Masoud Soleimani, President of the Federation. I thank you once again for supporting the Federation in their endeavours to further develop squash in your country.

 Zena Wooldridge OBE


World Squash Federation