An Iranian became a member of the Pacific Padel Development Organization

 The Padel Development Organization under the title of Pacific, in coordination with the International padel Federation, was launched under the responsibility of Koji Nakatsuka, who is in charge of Japan padel . The organization covers the mission of developing, promoting, launching and supporting paddle sports activities in the Pacific region, which stretches from India to Australia. The organization has two vice-presidents, the head of padel  India and the head of Paddle Australia, and its secretary general is the head of padel country of Thailand.

With the advice of the Iran Squash Federation and the coordination of our padel  Associationand following the pursuit of the International Director of Iran Squash Federation from the President of the International padel  Federation, while conveying the strategy it pursues in gaining a seat in the padel organization, requested that an Iranian join the newly established organization.

With the approval of the International padel  Federation and the relationship of the Japanese president of this organization, Dr. Elham Shirzad, former vice president and current high advisor of the federation, who is faculty member of Tehran University, was introduced and officially became a member of thisnew organization.

The presence of an Iranian in this part of the Asian continent can pave the way for the establishment of the Asian Padel Federation and can gain valuable information from the decisions of the East and Central Asian Continent and the Australian continent about the padel  future and the strategy and formulation of  Padel policies in Iran.