The Great Message of the President of National Olympic committee

Countries in the Region will be United Altogether
The Great Message of the President of National Olympic committee

Undoubtedly, sport plays an important role in creating health, vitality and solidarity among the community. Additionally, organizing international sports event, beyond all, will have a significant impact on the enhancement of solidarity and friendship between nations and governments, and will bring about deep linkages and increased cultural and proximity ties. Therefore, countries in the region will be united altogether

The squash Federation of Iran, which has grown overwhelmingly in the championship and public scene over the last years, has always been a leading organization as a program-oriented set of programs. Moreover, with honest endeavors and hosted West Asian championships with the same professional spirit, interactive and constructive relations by regional countries, especially by hosting this sports event in the beautiful province of Golestan showed that the best hosting of international sporting events is right for all cities of the country, which is appreciated very much indeed

Hopefully, the dear guests of the West Asian region, including officials, coaches, athletes, referees and the accompanying staff, who have many religious, social, cultural, and historical in common, will be able to showcase beautiful and admirable event, regardless of results. By the memory of Iran, they left their countries and will be conveyed the message of peace and friendship of the Iranian people to the people of their home countries, always remember our country and hosting these sports event in good memories

Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri

The President of national Olympic committee