Iran Junior 2018

Iran Junior 2018

 The 9th Iranian Junior Championship was held in all age groups of girls and boys at the Ranking Gold rank and became champions of this era.


In less than 9 years, the boys of Denial Moghry  in Shina  Amiri daughters


In less than 11 years, the boys of Aryan Jafar Tariari and in the girls of Baran Mohammadpour  first


In less than 13 years, Mohammad  Changanian  sons and daughters of  Nargol  Ramezanzadeh were born


In less than 15 years, Boys  Poya Shafiei  and Fatemeh Falahati daughters were first


In less than 17 years, the sons of Mohammad Danial  Gharooni and the girls of Nikki Shemirani were first


In less than 19 years, Mohammad Reza Jafarzadeh sons and first daughter of the Fereshte  Eghtedari  the first authority.